This blog was created on August 9, 2008, shortly after atlantiza, who had discoved Rapbito over the summer, realized he had realeased a full album. Although atlantiza does admit to illegally downloading the album, she claims it was only so she could listen to the album right away, as she also ordered a copy of the album as soon as possible. What started as a project to not only kill time, but also to improve atlantiza’s Japanese skills and spread Rapbito to English-speaking anime fans, quickly detoriated into an out-of-date blog with few lyrics. However, near the end of January 2009, atlantiza realized the condition the blog had reached, and made a poor attempt at an update that included an apology for the lack of updates and a news post covering two CDs. On February 1, she expanded the revitalization with the romanization of Bouken Desho Desho? Rap, as requested. February passed, and no more updates were done. A little while after the middle of March, a new post regarding Rap Bito’s, now under a major label, second album and two songs’ lyrics were posted.


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