Uu Uu Uma Uma (゚∀゚) (Mixbito Remix feat Rapbito) AKA Caramelldansen

March 21, 2009

This song starts with part of the original Swedish song, and then goes into Rapbito’s rap, and then back to the original song with Rapbito singing along for the uu uu uma uma/o o oa oa parts. Sorry if the way I organized it is confusing. ^^ I decided to do this song before Kuusou Rumba because it was really short, considering only a small part of it is in Japanese.

Swedish Start

Vi undrar är ni redo att vara med
Armarna upp nu ska ni få se
Kom igen
Vem som helst kan vara med
Så rör på era fötter
Och vicka era höfter
Gör som vi
Till denna melodi
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Rap Bito’s Second Album: RAP MUSIC

March 20, 2009

Rap Bito’s second album was released on March 11, 2009. It includes the songs “Ringo Biyori” and “Yukihanabi”, previously made popular through Nico Nico Douga. You can purchase this album through various sites (YESASIA, Amazon Japan, and CDJapan, just to name a few) along with iTunes Japan. The tracklisting is as follows.

  1. Intro -Start up-
  2. basic stance feat. 普通/FUTOO
  3. All Day, All Night
  4. オーディエンスを沸かす程度の能力 feat.ill bell (Audience wo Wakasu Teido no Nouryoku feat.ill bell)
  5. Rap Music 2009
  6. yume_nano
  7. リンゴ日和 -rapbit version- (Ringo Biyori -rapbit version-)
  8. high-technology
  9. When They Cry -urban ”ARIGATO” version-
  10. back to back
  11. 空想ルンバらっぷ (大槻ケンヂと絶望少女達 feat.らっぷびと)  (Kuusou Rumba Rap (Ohtsuki Kenji to Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi feat. Rap Bito)
  12. Aikotoba
  13. 雪花火  (Yukihanabi)
  14. OUTRO -オトマビキ- (Outro -otomabiki-)

I’d like to apologize for not putting a lot of lyrics up here, once again… I already have a lot to do in real life, so when I actually want to work with Japanese songs, priority usually goes to the current song on my mind (as can be seen by the few posts on my other blog). However, if I get time, I hope to get around to momo’s request for Kuusou Rumba and Yoan’s request for Caramelldansen. =)


Bouken Desho Desho Rap

February 1, 2009

As requested… Sorry it took so long to get around to!

Romaji (ローマ字)

bouken desho? sorya hitokoto OK desu yo, doko iku?   tougenkyou ka kotou, henkyou no chi
aitsu no eikyou ryoku shiru   joujin dattara sokushi
uchuu jin foroo wa toppushiikuretto   gendo nashi kabe kettobashiteku
We love, We love, We love you!! wakattara hayaku shitaku!!
dou shiyou mo nainda na… mi takusu   sa egao de nani ga yuuutsu?
We love, We love, We love you!! iwanakute mo yarimasu ichi kara juu
soppo muite iji harazu   kokoro o hari ga kusuguru   mou dare ni mo tomerarenai
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Various news

January 31, 2009

Official SZS CD Includes Rap Bito

Kakurenbo ka Onigokko yo cover art

On December 10, 2008, Kakurenbo ka Onigokko yo, an album for the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei anime series, was released. The 12th and final song on this album, Kuusou Rumba Rap, includes a rap by Rap Bito. The rest of the CD is a collaboration between Ootsuki Kenji and various female seiyuu for the SZS anime. The CD may be imported through Amazon Japan here. Actually, I’m not really sure if you can import it since I’ve never imported from Amazon Japan, but if you buy this CD, please tell me where you imported it to (your country). I would appreciate it greatly.

New Single

Rab Bito will release his first major single on February 4, 2009. The single is titled All Day, All Night. Currently, the only known songs for the single are the titular track “All Day, All Night” along with “When They Cry (Piano “SAYONARA” remix)”. For a limited time only, the single will sell for ¥500, or about $5.53 (USD). If you are importing this single, please remember when browsing sites that it’s highly unlikely that you will only have to pay $5 for the single, despite the deal. I wouldn’t advise paying more than $10 as long as the special price is still available. The promotional video for “All Day, All Night” can be viewed at the bottom of the post.
The single can be imported via YesAsia here.


Where’d I go? Part 2

January 31, 2009

Once again, I truly do apologize for not updating since August. I had way too much time this summer and not enough in autumn nor in winter. I will honestly try to get the lyrics of Bouken Desho Desho and Rumba up sometime in the next week while school is not busy. Hopefully, I can also get around to uploading Rap Bito’s songs that were not released on his CD. However, a few months ago, I lost almost all of my music (long story), so I actually don’t have any of his music on my computer right now… Once I get my own music back together, I hope to share more of his music with you. Thank you for your patience.


Where’d I go?

August 17, 2008

Just wanted to say I’m not abandoning the blog yet despite not posting anything for a few days. I’ve been busy with a bunch of C74 and real life stuff. Updates for the next two weeks will be slow due to real life stuff, but I hope to get a few lyrics up in that time.


God knows… (Rap Bito ver.)

August 12, 2008

If you would like me to post romaji lyrics for any of Rap Bito’s songs, please leave a comment, because I’m just doing random songs right now.
From now on, please leave requests on the Requests page!

Romaji (ローマ字)

doushite kimi wa furimukanai     ippou tsuukou de sugiru wadai
kimi o shibaru kokoro no kusari jaa koe to oto no mukaigawa
utaitakatta dake nanda     yappa fugainakatta
tsurai karada no SOS sae mo sokkenai hentou de
heikou sen kawaranai seichou de futari wa sugiteiku dake?
muda ni ganbari sugite kudakeru no wa nani yori mo kimi no tame na no ni
itsu made tatte mo Lonely Way demo kono omoi wa honki de
sukoshi dake de ii furi mukanakute mo ii kara kono oto o kiite
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