If you have a request for song lyrics, please leave a comment here. Requests may be done out of order, depending on the length of the song and how easy it is to find Japanese lyrics.

Fulfilled Requests

  1. Bouken Desho Desho? Rap (requested by mana)
  2. Kuusou Rumba Rap (requested by momo)
  3. Caramelldansen (requested by Yoan)
  4. Just Be Friends (requested by cheesemoon)
  5. Love Letter (requested by yukipiri)

Current Requests

  1. Clover


  1. cool! Ive been looking for the lyrics of god knows by rap bito! thanks! but can you put the English translation if you can so that I can understand what they are saying

  2. Hey! I was wondering if you could find the lyrics for rap-bitos Just Be Friends?
    I’d really like to try and sing along xD
    Thank you!~

  3. Ooh~ awesome blog! \ o /

    Do you have romaji for Rapbit’s Loveletter?<3

  4. i would like to make a request for the lyrics of Rap-bito’s CLOVER song

    pls&ty ^^

  5. Hey! Thanks for the site and your work! Much appreciated. I want to request the lyrics for Rap Bito’s version of Ringo Mogire Beam!. Thanks much!

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