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March 21, 2009

The reason I leave yukihanabi as one word is because I think 雪花火 is kind of like a play on words that requires all of the kanji together to create the desired effect. Yuki (snow), yukihana (snowflakes), hana (flower), and hanabi (firewords) are all words, but I really think in this case, they are all tied together to each other to create something greater than their seperate meanings.

Both the original version of Yukihanabi and Yukihanabi (New REC Version) have the same lyrics, except for two parts. In these instances, the correct lines will be labelled with (Original): or (オリジナル) and (New): or (新):.  The New REC Version is the version used on Rap Bito’s second album. Sorry about a confusing organization again~ :X

Romaji (ローマ字)

fuwari saita yukihanabi     yozora ni chitte wa kirei ni ochiteiku
fuwari saita yukihanabi     sotto futari yorisou you ni sore wa kagirinai hitotsu no kibou Read the rest of this entry ?